Sunday, 18 December 2016

Waungron Rd Bus 'interchange' unworkable

Waungron Road 'Interchange'
Very poor 'design and access statement' and other information at…/…
The plan as below shows bus-stops on the new side road from Western Ave to Waungron Rd.
Routing is problematic for buses from St Fagans and from UHW towards the Ely roundabout, as no provision to enter from Waungron Rd and turn round to exit. The 61 bus towards Fairwater will have to loop round via Western Avenue, with delay at the traffic lights; the 71 from Fairwater
"Large increases in bus journey times are recorded throughout the AM and PM peak as a direct result of the rerouting of bus services to pass through the hub, and in some cases, to and from Cowbridge Road to the bus hub."
No waiting facilities with toilets, just the rotten seating in standard shelters. CCTV and electronic bus arrival display, but no full transport information. Waiting at night will be unsafe, in secluded position not visible from roadways or dwellings. No integration with rail – eg. short access to/from rail platform - and “The Cabin” shop. No improvement of the poor, scrappy pedestrian crossing to the Golden Star takeaway across Waungron Rd.. No facilities for Coach pick-up and drop-off. Shared paths with cyclists, contrary to policy that cyclists be segregated from cyclists where possible.
There’s no indication that the bus companies will want to use it – the Council will spend £1.7million on a white elephant, just because they can’t admit the scheme is misconceived.

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Max Wallis said...

Consider the 61 from Fairwater to Canton: if it makes a right-turn from Waungron Road to the new bus stops (inside of the triangle) then emerges left into Western Ave, it cannot easily cross 2 lines of traffic to turn right at the lights, back to Waungron Road east. Instead, during normal busy times, it should turn right onto Western Avenue up to Ely roundabout, making a full turn (very tight!) back down Western Ave and turn left to the new bus stops (outside of the triangle). Then it can exit with a right turn into Waungron Rd and straight across Western Ave at the lights. Buses from St Fagans aiming for Cowbridge Road East to Victoria Park would have to follow the same route. Surely the bus operators will refuse the detour and delays through extra passages through congested junctions, and will continue to use the bus stop on the far side of Waungron Road. Surely too the council's consultants (AECOM) spotted this and told the officers, who replied - don't make it obvious in the report. So Aecom just talk generally of "large increases in journey times".