Wednesday, 10 December 2014

charade of bus station consultation

Charade of a consultation on siting north or south of the rail station; excuse for delay as the previous consultation had already show overwhelming public support for the current Central Sq siting.

Though the Marland House office leases expire mid-2015, they propose to delay work on a new bus station till mid-2016.  They intend to wait rather than get the BBC to buy out the final lease expiring in 2016.  So low is public transport in the Council’s priorities.

The new report ignores the promise of an “integrated transport interchange”, secured under the old LibDem/Plaid council.  Labour just talks of a central bus interchange.  No promise that it will include long-distance coaches and only links with Cardiff Airport and the future Cardiff Metro scheme.  As central station is likely to need a ‘metro’ intersection between a line from the Bay/Callaghan Square up St Mary’s street and one out west on the Fairwater-Radyr line, it’s essential to plan for integration with bus provisions. 

That of course includes integrated waiting, information and ticketing facilities.  The Council is already allowing very limited space for a bus station, without coaches and without space for much-needed expansion of services. 

The picture Walesonline show no space allocated for the bus station/transport interchange, but Central Square filled with office blocks.  The council couldn’t even supply an artist’s impression of the new bus station and metro system.  Crammed-in office blocks appears as the Council’s priority, but the facts that traffic to the offices, including the BBC’s, will jam up bus operations and worsen the already illegally-high air pollution re ignored.

Public ‘consultation’
Many (? Most) comments from the council’s e-panel, and many who never or rarely use the bus (never/rare users are unlikely to fill in the Questionnaire, so most of these would come from the e-panel).  The e-panel is 4500 in number, compared with 3700 responses, suggesting that the “public” responses were strongly weighted to the e-panel.  This bias not given in the report. 

High number of additional comments, as the Questionnaire was v. limited

Q8. Are there any additional comments that you would like to make regarding the planned development of the Cardiff Bus Station / Central Station.
A total of 1,314 individuals provided additional comments in relation to the plans for the
redevelopment of the Central Bus Station. Comments were in the main very comprehensive
covering a variety of issues and providing a wealth of information {where is it?}  Overwhelming the comments made displayed a significant level of support towards the proposals and
respondents were keen to see work the development move forward as a priority for the city
with some commenting that the development ‘couldn’t happen soon enough’.

Dissatisfaction with the current ‘bus box’ system was widespread with frequent reference
given to the slow service, difficulty in travel across the city i.e. north/south and high costs.
Several individuals also expressed their amazement that Cardiff as a capital city is currently
without a functioning city centre bus station. A key priority for respondents moving forward
was that the development takes into account the needs of local people travelling within the
city as well as visitors coming into the city centre for business and leisure. It was considered
essential that the new bus station be fully integrated with all other modes of transport
including trains, taxis, cycles and a metro service should such an option become viable in the

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Russell Goodway demands names from journalist

  1. You're entitled to your view, Russell. Others disagree with you.
  2. tell me who the others are Martin. Ralph Cook is being disciplined for openly expressing his views, you protect others
  3. You know I'm not going to reveal sources, Russell. If Ralph speaks openly, he's presumably considered the consequences.
  4. so you're proud to fraternise with cowards then Martin ? Shame.
  5. The Cardiff labour group like ferrets in a sack!
  6. please don't denigrate ferrets you'll offend Ralph

Monday, 1 December 2014

Protect Cardiff NO CUTS meeting Thurs 4th Dec

Cardiff Labour Cuts Meeting This Thursday 4th December                                               Protect Cardiff will next be meeting this Thursday 4th December at 7pm in the upstairs room of the Fairwater Pub on St Fagans Road. The meeting will be about further activity to re-open Waungron Road and to stop the Local Development Plan and its green field developments.            "Solutions to the Cuts" will also be discussed, notably people who want to campaign to save Canton Community Centre, Whitchurch Library and the Play Centres. 

We don't intend to dilute our present campaigns, rather we feel we have common cause against this awful Council Administration. We will have a tight agenda, materials to take away and an overall plan for those interested in getting more active.
We intend to contact everybody on our email and petition lists very shortly after the meeting.
If you have not done so already, please sign : 

  • Councillor Ralph Cook
    Goodway Cabal  

    Cardiff council's former deputy leader demands resignation of five ...

    A former deputy leader of Cardiff council has demanded the resignation of five senior Labour group figures as the administration's bitter rift ...
  • INFIGHTING The Galloway cabal councillors 'working on alternative budget proposals' amid Labour rift 
  • Wednesday, 19 November 2014

    Cardiff Labour Party stunt by Mari Williams

    Labour Hypocrites of the year 

    You would not believe this latest stunt by the Labour partys Mari Williams

    Cardiff Labour want to allow property developers
    to build un affordable homes on this prime
    agricultural land in Fairwater 

    On twitter @Mari_Williams and @JulieMorganLAB are asking people to go on a walk to ask Cardiff labour to create a green belt - after they destroy the unofficial green belt we have already by allowing developers to build 40,000 unaffordable houses ....

    Join them This Friday join them and tell them what hyopercites they are

    Cardiff Labour want to allow property developers 
    to build un affordable homes on this prime 
    agricultural land in Fairwater 
    Cardiff Labour want to allow property developers 
    to build less affordable homes while they claim
    to care about people on the waiting list 
    @JulieMorganLAB to walk for a Cardiff Green Belt #GreenBeltWalk

    Meanwhile Cardiff labour party want to allow property developers to build less affordable homes while they claim to care about people on the waiting list 

    Sunday, 19 October 2014

    Welsh Ministers can force two or more authorities to produce a joint LDP

    Labour continues to grab more power not for wales but themselves. 
    Local councils across Wales are being urged to submit plans to merge voluntarily, rather than be forced to by the labour partys New Public Services Minister Leighton Andrews. The Williams Commission recommended the number of local authorities should be reduced from 22 to 10 or 12 and is quoted by labour luvvies as if infallible
    Planning(Wales)Bill starts legislative journey Local plans continue but Welsh Ministers can force two or more authorities to produce a joint one (clause 12, amending section 70 of that Act) - The committee considering the Bill has asked for submissions on it by 7 November 
    Last week the final version of the Bill was introduced into the Welsh Assembly. The Bill can be found here. 

    Tuesday, 14 October 2014

    Cardiff Labour poor recycling = overspend of £1,347,536

    Councillor Bob Derbyshire talks about the long-running challenges he has faced in waste collection in his Echo letter 10th Oct 2014 challenges which are entirely the result of  his bad policy decisions. It is he and the labour cabinet that decided contrary to advice to continue to collect commingled mixed waste which means it is very poor quality and difficult to sell for recycling. So poor in fact, that they have been sending some of the stockpiled 'residual' waste to 'post-sort' to an external contractor in a desparate attempt to meet their recycling targets. This got them up to a poor 50% recycling but at a HIGHER than landfill cost  resulting in a shocking overspend of £1,347,536 in a time of drastic cuts to other services.   
    In the city centre such as queen street bins are designed to separate waste but collected and tipped together.
    He has also agreed with Viridor incinerator to pay an exorbitant gate fee of £100 a tonne well above average with the UK lowest only £32 a tonne.
    He  ignored his own consultation and closed Waungron Road, Household waste recycling centre which was the most frequently used site and clearly showed people don’t want to travel more than 2 miles.
    Now he is sending stockpiled waste to the new incinerator*, clearly showing his lack of commitment to recycling.  
    The fact is, if the council wish to recycle as much of our waste as possible, Cllr Derbyshire has to admit labour policies are wrong, have failed, have been an expensive disaster and its time to change and stop blaming the citizens of Cardiff for his own and the labour councils incompetence  

     Councillor Bob Derbyshire says city is supplying waste for this supposed incinerator testing phase - 20 000 tonnes of it!

     *Viridor ignore defective performance and lack of permit, run roughshod over the regulators NRW
    The watchdog Natural Resources Wales (NRW) admit that the Viridor incinerator, just starting 12 week commissioning, did not work as expected when it emitted long plumes of dark smoke. They wrote to CATI (letter to be attached) excusing their lack of action to enforce the emissions permit as it was only ‘commissioning operations’ and that no waste materials were being burned.
    On Friday evening (at 7pm) Viridor announced that in fact they had started burning municipal waste (  CATI understands that this waste comes from Cardiff Council, as well as some others.
    CATI says the Regulators show no concern for toxic emissions imposed on Cardiff. They are refusing to use webcams to record the unlicensed smoke emissions.  They have not even restricted commissioning to times when the winds would blow fumes out to sea.  Their cosiness with Viridor has emboldened the company to start burning wastes without the required permit and without safeguards against pollution.
    The NRW will be put on the spot at Viridor’s Liaison Group meeting on Tuesday – will they show they are toothless 'watchdogs', asks CATI.