Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Cardiff Labour Party stunt by Mari Williams

Labour Hypocrites of the year 

You would not believe this latest stunt by the Labour partys Mari Williams

Cardiff Labour want to allow property developers
to build un affordable homes on this prime
agricultural land in Fairwater 

On twitter @Mari_Williams and @JulieMorganLAB are asking people to go on a walk to ask Cardiff labour to create a green belt - after they destroy the unofficial green belt we have already by allowing developers to build 40,000 unaffordable houses ....

Join them This Friday join them and tell them what hyopercites they are

Cardiff Labour want to allow property developers 
to build un affordable homes on this prime 
agricultural land in Fairwater 
Cardiff Labour want to allow property developers 
to build less affordable homes while they claim
to care about people on the waiting list 
@JulieMorganLAB to walk for a Cardiff Green Belt #GreenBeltWalk

Meanwhile Cardiff labour party want to allow property developers to build less affordable homes while they claim to care about people on the waiting list 

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Welsh Ministers can force two or more authorities to produce a joint LDP

Labour continues to grab more power not for wales but themselves. 
Local councils across Wales are being urged to submit plans to merge voluntarily, rather than be forced to by the labour partys New Public Services Minister Leighton Andrews. The Williams Commission recommended the number of local authorities should be reduced from 22 to 10 or 12 and is quoted by labour luvvies as if infallible
Planning(Wales)Bill starts legislative journey Local plans continue but Welsh Ministers can force two or more authorities to produce a joint one (clause 12, amending section 70 of that Act) - The committee considering the Bill has asked for submissions on it by 7 November 
Last week the final version of the Bill was introduced into the Welsh Assembly. The Bill can be found here. 

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Cardiff Labour poor recycling = overspend of £1,347,536

Councillor Bob Derbyshire talks about the long-running challenges he has faced in waste collection in his Echo letter 10th Oct 2014 challenges which are entirely the result of  his bad policy decisions. It is he and the labour cabinet that decided contrary to advice to continue to collect commingled mixed waste which means it is very poor quality and difficult to sell for recycling. So poor in fact, that they have been sending some of the stockpiled 'residual' waste to 'post-sort' to an external contractor in a desparate attempt to meet their recycling targets. This got them up to a poor 50% recycling but at a HIGHER than landfill cost  resulting in a shocking overspend of £1,347,536 in a time of drastic cuts to other services.   
In the city centre such as queen street bins are designed to separate waste but collected and tipped together.
He has also agreed with Viridor incinerator to pay an exorbitant gate fee of £100 a tonne well above average with the UK lowest only £32 a tonne.
He  ignored his own consultation and closed Waungron Road, Household waste recycling centre which was the most frequently used site and clearly showed people don’t want to travel more than 2 miles.
Now he is sending stockpiled waste to the new incinerator*, clearly showing his lack of commitment to recycling.  
The fact is, if the council wish to recycle as much of our waste as possible, Cllr Derbyshire has to admit labour policies are wrong, have failed, have been an expensive disaster and its time to change and stop blaming the citizens of Cardiff for his own and the labour councils incompetence  

 Councillor Bob Derbyshire says city is supplying waste for this supposed incinerator testing phase - 20 000 tonnes of it!

 *Viridor ignore defective performance and lack of permit, run roughshod over the regulators NRW
The watchdog Natural Resources Wales (NRW) admit that the Viridor incinerator, just starting 12 week commissioning, did not work as expected when it emitted long plumes of dark smoke. They wrote to CATI (letter to be attached) excusing their lack of action to enforce the emissions permit as it was only ‘commissioning operations’ and that no waste materials were being burned.
On Friday evening (at 7pm) Viridor announced that in fact they had started burning municipal waste (  CATI understands that this waste comes from Cardiff Council, as well as some others.
CATI says the Regulators show no concern for toxic emissions imposed on Cardiff. They are refusing to use webcams to record the unlicensed smoke emissions.  They have not even restricted commissioning to times when the winds would blow fumes out to sea.  Their cosiness with Viridor has emboldened the company to start burning wastes without the required permit and without safeguards against pollution.
The NRW will be put on the spot at Viridor’s Liaison Group meeting on Tuesday – will they show they are toothless 'watchdogs', asks CATI.

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Lies from Cardiff labour as start to demolishing swimming pool in Splott

Cardiff labour start to demolish the swimming pool in Splott although they promised they would discuss the matter first with the community SOS STAR Area campaign has called a protest march through the community on Saturday the 20th September. 
All support welcome.

Ross says Demolition of Splott Pool began today (3rd September), despite all the assurances from councillors that Council Leader Phil Bale would meet with campaigners before they laid a finger on the building. This is just the Council's latest betrayal of the community.
If they get their way, the STAR Centre will be next, and both the Pool and the STAR will be replaced by a cut-price, min-hub that will mean a MASSIVE cut to services for the local area. As they stand, the plans don't even include a sports hall, and much of the space will be used up as council offices to give advice on benefits, tax, etc.
If you're angry about the demolition, don't let that anger turn into despair. Turn it into something positive and help us force the Council to back off from our services. We need to get as many people along to the protest march on Saturday 20th as possibly can, but to do that we need everybody to be publicising it. We're going to wake up Splott, Tremorfa, Adamsdown and Roath, marching though the whole community, and show the Council what they'll face if they don't back down.
Get in touch at this email address or ring Ross on 07772215281

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Ramesh Patel & Michael Michael lies

More than just new homes at stake
Ramesh Patel "Cardiff’s Labour administration is quite correctly trying to bring forward the new homes which the city needs, especially affordable and family housing. The recently submitted LDP provides the new homes which are needed, with more than 60% on brownfield land, together with a strategy to deliver supporting community and transportation infrastructure. An independent examination into the plan will now take place in accordance with the agreed timetable."

In a letter to the ECHO 28th august 2014 More than just new homes at stake from Ramesh Patel blatantly lies. His LDP has deliberately reduced developers provision of affordable housing  from 40% on greenfield to 30% on the spurious grounds that the consultants say evidence doesn't support.  He has also reduced the provision on brownfield sites from 30% to 20%. 
Even worse the planning committee agree to reductions in that provision to as low as 12% 
Labours Ramesh Patel deceives the people of Cardiff promising, to provide social and affordable housing - at the outline planning stage Dumballs Road promised about half of housing will be affordable, now its is only offering 12% affordable housing
Ely Mill Development promises  60% of the homes would be available at below-market level rents.  Now the agreement delivers just 75 social rented units and 125 'Affordable Housing Units
The Cardiff Pointe scheme 800 homes was approved with the spurious excuse "due to the exceptional nature of the scheme", they would accept 12.5% of the scheme being affordable housing.  This simply proves that we dont need to use green field sites if we built the affordable homes that the thousands of  people on the waiting list need. 

The St Mellons development will deliver just 12.8%, that is just 128 affordable homes on the site which is against their own policy and cannot justify building on green fields in agricultural use.
These examples show Labour has downgraded the 40% previously set by the Lib Dem/Plaid coalition.  We could build the affordable homes that the thousands of  people on the waiting list need on brownfield sites alone. 

"Councillor Bowden’s letter (Echo, August 16) fails to recognise that greenfield sites are needed now to help meet this need for new homes. The previous administration attempted to prepare a ‘brownfield-only’ LDP. However, this was not supported by the inspectors, who recognised that this approach could not deliver the new homes required, and the Plan had to be withdrawn. Ironically, the failed ‘brownfield-only’ approach and consequent need to start again with a new LDP has led to a rash of new planning applications on greenfield sites before the new LDP can be adopted. ....."

Cllr Ramesh Patel Cardiff Councillor for Canton Ward, Cabinet Member for Strategic Planning, Transport & Highways
Tues 2nd Sept Councillor Michael Michael Chairman Cardiff County Council Planning Committee chips in with a letter to the Echo and claims that Cardiff council’s planning committee makes its decisions based on evidence and not politics – certainly confusing given the evidence that affordable housing provision can be bargained away to the developers advantage with the blessing of the majority of the planning committee wimpy members.   

Previous coverage of Cardiff Labour planning decisions and affordable housing 

25 Aug 2014
ELY MILL development lies - Cardiff Labour council has yet again deceived the people of Cardiff promising, with great panache to provide social and affordable housing - Dumballs Road is only offering 12% affordable ...
30 Jun 2014
As Dumballs Road scheme goes to a special planning meeting with just 12% Affordable housing. Will the Councillors - Cllr Mitchell, Cllr Patel - who spoke at Cardiff council meeting defending their LDP saying affordable was ...
04 Apr 2014
"Official plans to transform an industrial estate into a new community with housing, shops and hotels will now be considered by Cardiff council's planning officials.Cardiff-based developer Bellerophon plans to regenerate 33 ...
28 Oct 2013
Cardiff Cabinet refused to support recommendations by the Community and Adult Services Scrutiny Committee in Feb 2013 to Meet Affordable Housing Need in Cardiff. Cardiff's proposes more cuts to affordable housing in ...

18 Dec 2012
However, "due to the exceptional nature of the scheme", officers said they would accept 12.5% of the scheme being affordable housing – equivalent to 100 houses or apartments – with the rest of the affordable housing ...
04 May 2010
Wales Green Party Press Release For immediate release 4 May 2010. Green Party Makes Stand for. Social Housing Matthew Townsend, Green Party candidate for Cardiff South and Penarth, has today promised that if he is ...
01 Oct 2013
Cardiff Labour Council is letting developers off their requirement to build affordable housing and concentrating affordable housing in deprived areas. The latest wheeze plan is to demolish established community facilities in ...

Cover up? Cardiff council no copy of Inquiry into child abuse report

Why doesn't Cardiff Council have a copy of the report into child abuse at  Taff Vale Children’s home Cardiff or the councils response - if any? Was it ever discussed by Councillors? 

A FOI request shows Cardiff council claims they don't have the report into child abuse in their homes, an inquiry requested by the  Director of Social Services in Cardiff 1996 The Duffy Inquiry nor do they have any report from Operation Goldfinch 1997/8. Russell Goodway is the labour Councillor for Ely and was leader of Cardiff Council from 1996 - 2004. BYRON DAVIES was Chief Executive  Maria Michael Chief childrens services officer Ros Caines-Prentice Operational manager Looked after childrens services 

The Social Service Inspectorate for Wales undertook an inspection of Cardiff’s Children’s Services between April 2005 and July 2005, and published its report in March 2006. Members considered the report at their Committee meeting in April 2006, and noted that the inspection report stated, “The inspectors considered that the range of service provided by the Council, which included the Fostering Service was “Inconsistent” 

27 January 2014
Dear Cardiff Council,
After the Duffy Inquiry and Operation Goldfinch 1997/8 into child abuse at Welsh childrens Homes, please could you send me an electronic copy of the Councils response.
Yours faithfully,
rebecca hemsley
Dear Ms Hemsley,
Thank you for your request for information which asked for:
After the Duffy Inquiry and Operation Goldfinch 1997/8 into child abuse at Welsh childrens Homes, please could you send me an electronic copy of the Councils response.
I am writing to advise you that following a search of our paper and electronic records, I have established that the information you requested is not held by the Council.
It appears from our records that the Duffy Enquiry was a police enquiry prior to the setting up of Operation Goldfinch.
Children's services do not have a copy of the enquiry which could be held by South Wales Police. 
We are sorry that we cannot help further on this occasion but if you are in any way dissatisfied with the handling of your request, or have any further information needs in the future then please do not hesitate to contact me...
Yours Sincerely
Information & Improvement Team
Gwella a Gwybodaeth Room  108  County Hall. Cardiff. CF10 4UW TEL: 029 2087 2087

What is the Duffy Inquiry? 

The investigation of the Taff Vale Children’s home Cardiff, Operation Duffy.

Operation Goldfinch was launched on the 21 April 1997 and emanated from the first ever historic institutional abuse enquiry conducted by South Wales Police; the investigation of the Taff Vale Children’s home Cardiff, Operation Duffy.
This operation was commenced in September 1996 following a formal request from the Director of Social Services in Cardiff. The request came after the arrest and subsequent conviction of a former care worker of that establishment for indecent assault on children under his care and the findings of an internal investigation, commissioned by the Director of Social Services which raised concerns over possible paedophile activity at the home.
In conducting the investigation of Taff Vale, former residents were seen and allegations were made against former members of staff of that establishment as well as against individuals who had been employed in other care homes in South Wales and other police areas.
By April of 1997 it became clear that a volume of complaints had been received which fell outside the remit of the Taff Vale enquiry, which included referrals to investigate complaints from the North Wales Child Abuse Tribunal. These factors were the catalyst for the launch of Operation Goldfinch.

Former social worker jailed over assaults

A former social worker has been jailed for twelve years for a series of sexual assaults on seven young boys, stretching back over 21 years.
Geoffrey Morris, 43, committed the offences while working at council run children’s homes in Cardiff.
Cardiff Crown court heard that Morris befriended the boys, aged between 8 and 15, before carrying out the attacks.
Four of his victims were resident at the Taff Vale children’s home in Cardiff, where Morris worked.
‘Danger to the public’
He also assaulted boys at the city’s Gorse Place children’s home, in a swimming pool and at his own home.
Morris pleaded guilty to six indecent assaults, gross indecency and three serious sexual assaults.
Passing sentence, Judge David Morris said the former social worker remained a danger to the public.
His arrest in 1996 sparked a police inquiry into the Taff Vale home, which has since been widened into Operation Goldfinch, looking at allegations of abuse at 50 homes across Wales.

Gorse Place Children’s Home, Pentrebane, Cardiff Operation Goldfinch.

28 Jan 2013 - Geoffrey Morris, also a Taff Vale social worker, admitted indecency with a ... Four of his victims were resident at the Taff Vale children's home in ..

30 were charged during Operation Goldfinch. The offences included indecent assault, child cruelty and actual bodily harm. 17 people were convicted of child abuse offences yet this story centered on compensation "Scandal of children's homes abuse payouts" 2006  ‘The truth behind the child abuse cover-ups’  North Wales children’s home abuse – The Jillings report  June 1999


Two social workers have been jailed for sex attacks on three youngsters at the council-run children’s homes in Cardiff. The Western Mail (27 May, p9) reported that Brian Johnson was arrested as part of the major Operation Goldfinch investigation by police into a suspected paedophile ring in children’s homes.  Mr Johnson was employed as a team leader at the children’s home. He was suspended on full pay in 1996 pending an investigation and the outcome of the trial. He was found guilty of three indecent assualts and three other serious sexual offences. He was sentenced to 15 years in prison. Geoffrey Morris, also a Taff Vale social worker, admitted indecency with a child, seven indecent assaults and two counts of a serious sexual offence from 1974 to 1995. He was sentenced to 12 years in prison.

May 1999 Former social worker jailed over assaults

A former social worker has been jailed for twelve years for a series of sexual assaults on seven young boys, stretching back over 21 years.
Geoffrey Morris, 43, committed the offences while working at council run children’s homes in Cardiff. 
Cardiff Crown court heard that Morris befriended the boys, aged between 8 and 15, before carrying out the attacks.  Four of his victims were resident at the Taff Vale children’s home in Cardiff, where Morris worked. ‘Danger to the public’ He also assaulted boys at the city’s Gorse Place children’s home, in a swimming pool and at his own home. Morris pleaded guilty to six indecent assaults, gross indecency and three serious sexual assaults.

Passing sentence, Judge David Morris said the former social worker remained a danger to the public. His arrest in 1996 sparked a police inquiry into the Taff Vale home, which has since been widened into Operation Goldfinch, looking at allegations of abuse at 50 homes across Wales.

BACKSTORY -- Fresh move in care-home row; SOCIAL SERVICES: Public inquiry needed into scandal-hit department, say Tories.

A FULL independent public inquiry is needed to discover the truth about Cardiff council's scandal-hit social services department, trade union leaders and councillors said last night. 
Conservative group leader Gareth Neale, said at a press conference yesterday that the council was in denial. 
``Things are very wrong and the council is trying to hide it,'' he said. 
Mr Neale also claimed the legal cost of inquiries into care services for children and the elderly by bringing in private law firm Eversheds may have exceeded pounds 500,000. 
The meeting was part of the longrunning saga involving the former Hazelcroft home in Fairwater, Cardiff, and the management of the council's social services department. 
It came the day after an employment tribunal threw out an appeal by sacked social worker Neil White to force the council into paying him pending an internal council appeal against dismissal next month. 
Senior social worker Mr White was suspended from duty last year after refusing to discipline domestic worker Beverley Bush when she alleged residents were being mistreated at the council-run care home. He was dismissed earlier this month. 
``I feel like I have been violated by the system and my managers and I've had no redress yet,'' he said. 
And Ms Bush claims she has been living in fear after she blew the whistle on misconduct at a residential home for the elderly. 
However, Cardiff council has said claims that people who had used proper whistleblowing procedures were sacked were ``both ridiculous and wrong''. 
Mr Neale and fellow Conservative member Jayne Cowan were joined by representatives from BUSWE, which has around 400 members in Cardiff, at yesterday's press conference to highlight why they think more should be done. 
A report, which will be published next month by the Social Services Inspectorate and the Audit Commission, is expected be highly critical of the service. 
Calling for a public inquiry, Mr Neale said, ``We want it to look at the whole delivery of this service in Cardiff. We will be asking for this in the next council meeting.'' 
Steve Anslow, general secretary of BUSWE, criticised what he said was the poor direction of management at the council. ``They seem to reject any criticism as a personal attack,'' he said. 
He also referred to a major restructuring plan announced by the council as like an attempt to ``move the deck-chairs on the Titanic''. The Joint Review due out on September 26 involves an investigation into the services provided by Cardiff county Council carried out by external investigators. 
A council spokesman confirmed last night that the legal costs of the ongoing inquiry would be ``substantial'' but could not confirm a figure. 
He said Eversheds was brought in at the request of the Conservatives, who did not believe that the existing inquiry, conducted by head of regulatory services Malcolm Evans, could be independent. 
Employment tribunal 
THE British Union of Social Work Employees has launched an employment tribunal action for unfair dismissal on Neil White's behalf. 
Mr White was suspended from his post last year after refusing to discipline a care home worker who claimed that abuse was taking place at the Hazelcroft home in Fairwater, Cardiff. 
He was dismissed earlier this month. 
The main tribunal hearing is expected to take place in October or November. 
EVENTS in the history of Cardiff's troubled social services:u 1996 - An inquiry is held into the Taff Vale children's home in Cardiff after social worker Karen Mackay exposes abuse and prostitution occurring at the home. 
July 2001 - The Western Mail exclusively reveals that children in care are still working as prostitutes in Cardiff, following a report by Voices from Care. 
October 2001 - Senior social worker Charles Faber, of Cardiff County Council's Children's Services Emergency Team, is suspended just hours after appearing in a TV documentary voicing his fear that children in care are being neglected due to a lack of resources. He is later dismissed. 
March 2002 - Cardiff County Council seeks a court injunction to prevent BBC Wales from using information it obtained for the Week In Week Out programme on child protection. The action was later dropped. 
August 2002 - Senior social worker Neil White is sacked over claims he would not discipline Beverley Bush who blew the whistle on abuse at Hazelcroft home for the elderly in Cardiff. 
September 26, 2002 - a highly critical report is expected to be published following a Joint Review of Cardiff social services by the Social Services Inspectorate and the Audit Commission. 
SACKED: Social worker Neil White refused to discipline Beverley Bush who alleged residents were being mistreated at a council-run care home; WHISTLE-BLOWER: Beverley Bush

Monday, 25 August 2014

Ely Mill lies & fails to deliver social housing

ELY MILL development lies - Cardiff Labour council has yet again deceived the people of Cardiff promising, with great panache to provide social and affordable housing - Dumballs Road is only offering 12% affordable housing and now the Ely Mill development promises go down the pan, as you can see in the section 106 agreement signed 28th July 2014  The Active Travel guidance offered Ely Mill as a good example...however in contrast to the flowery Great blurb  on the Ely Mill website 
...With plans for up to 800 homes, large expanses of green communal spaces, a neighbourhood hub and a pleasant riverside park, the £100 million development will breathe new life into this previously neglected plot of land.
  Made possible through a partnership between the Welsh Government and Principality Building Society, with support from Cardiff Council, the development will deliver good quality, well managed, affordable housing to the city, with as many 60% of the homes expected to be available at below-market level rents.    
The Mill will also provide a much needed stimulus to the local construction industry through its commitment to using skilled workers from the local community to complete the work. In fact, initial indications suggest the development should create over 200 jobs during each of the five years it will take to construct. 
Our board of directors and executive team includes some of the most accomplished and experienced individuals from the built environment field. Among them are leading experts in urban design, funding, construction, property surveying, law and social housing management.
  In total we aim to generate £100 million of investment in the site, delivering much-needed homes for the city, improving the environment and creating many new construction and maintenance jobs for local people.
  See The Mill Neighbourhood section for full information on what to expect... 

The Mill will represent a new brand of city living that will combine high-quality affordable accommodation with a green, pleasant and community-focused neighbourhood on the banks of the River Ely. 
The development boasts a number of features that are sure to make The Mill one of the most desirable residential developments in South Wales.  

·         Green Neighbourhood  Without the promised cycle and pedestrian infrastructure and with grave concerns from the Cardiff cycling campaign addressed  - NO 
·         Up to 800 affordable family homes - Turns out to be 200 total 
·         High quality environment – riverside park, cycle trail, community facilities - No bridge to Trelai Park as promised but into Dyfrig Road whose residents are against 
·         Improved transport links to city No
·         Sustainable community Priority given to unneeded new road junction not to cycling and walking 
·         New neighbourhood centre offering employment opportunities and community facilities. 

The site will be affordable properties available for rent or rent-to-buy. The remainder will be for sale on the open market. Once complete, the neighbourhood will include homes ranging from one-bedroom apartments to four-bedroom detached houses, all set within an appealing environment that includes a riverside park, cycle paths and extensive community facilities.
 The diversity of housing types, and imaginative, well-planned public facilities, will make The Mill one of Cardiff’s most distinctive, pleasant and sustainable communities. The character of the neighbourhood will benefit from the range of different properties, including apartments, bungalows, terraces, semis and detached dwellings and there will be a strong emphasis on green living throughout. We’ll be giving priority to homes with gardens and there’ll be extensive planting throughout the area.

Among other features that will make this a great place to live, will be a striking waterfront park, special cycle paths, a riverside walk, footbridges (a footbridge within 6 years)  across the River Ely and the nearby railway line and a well-equipped community centre. Another important part of the development will be the completion of the Ely Trail. - Whoops another porkie!
 In the 106 agreement the following words will have the following meanings:  
 “Ely Trail Works” a pedestrian cycle way and associated landscaping through the riverside park with an additional spur connecting to the proposed cycle network at Treganna School 
Planning permission for the site was granted in February 2014.