Friday, 27 November 2015

No planning permission for coach park at Sophia Gardens

Scandalous that Cardiff Council hasn't applied for planning permission for Cardiff's new isolated coach station in Sophia Gardens  Bute Park  
Cardiff Council reply to my FOI 
'We have checked with our Planning Department and can confirm that No application has been received for the coach park at Sophia Gardens by Cardiff Council.' 
Yet there are no plans for a new coach park in Central Square.  

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Cardiff's new isolated coach station - in Sophia Gardens car-park
----------------------- the least integrated transport facility imaginable --------------
** 1 km from the rail station
** not served by city buses
** poor access on foot - don't expect to drag baggage on wheels
** no taxi rank
** toilets... closed from 5pm
** new shelter, open to the wind and rain
Subsidised by Cardiff Council, with a shuttle bus and ticket office/toilets
Only National Express uses it, other operators apparently boycott it, including the WG's T4 (Newtown) and T9 (airport).
This picture on a damp, drizzly August evening ~7pm shows people preferring to huddle under umbrellas rather than use the very open shelter with Cardiff's normal uncomfortable seating (one lonely guy). Three coaches waiting, another seven empty bays beyond.
Sue Caldwell There's a covenant on the grounds.......I'm certain this is not legal!
Anne Greagsby i wondered if it went to planning as it is there that that should be raised.
Sue Caldwell The covenant says the grounds are for the leisure of the public......NOT for coaches!!!
Alison Rees What if the coaches are there to pick you up for leisure purposes? If you're getting the coach to London to go to the National Gallery or to the opera is that ok?
Sue Caldwell Alison, no, as it's really stretching the terms of what the Marquis of Bute meant under the covenant terms. frown emoticon He made it quite clear that the grounds he gifted to the people of Cardiff were specifically for leisure, such as tennis, walking, general gentle exercise. Sophia Gardens are actually named after one of his daughters. smile emoticon x
Alison Rees Then the car park needs to be shut down too as it does not fit with those aims. I would be very careful of the unforeseen consequences of pursing this argument, if the coaches cannot pick up in Sophia Gardens then the location will be moved well out of the centre of Cardiff, perhaps to one of the Park and Ride stops. If you live in Fairwater would you be happy having to travel to Pentwyn to get your coach instead of the city centre?
Sue Caldwell Alison, a covenant is set up at cost for a reason! I live in Llandaff, just up the road from Fairwater and would have no qualms travelling to Pentwyn to catch a coach.
Alison Rees Do you have authority to speak for all living in the west of the city Sue? I would never have the arrogance to speak for all those living in the East of the city if they moved the pick up to Leckwith or Culverhouse Cross. Re covenants, I am a barrister by training so I could probably teach you a thing or two about such matters 
Anne Greagsby There are sites in the city centre - even in Callaghan Square that would be better. The council should have built a new bus station before closing the old one. The plan for the 'new' one will only have 4 coach bays - hardly enough or world class.
Anne Greagsby Cant they use the NCP CAR PARK which I thought they bought
Sue Caldwell Alison, I'm simply replying to your messages out of courtesy and giving you the facts and stating that I've no qualms personally to your suggestion of the possibility of catching a coach from Pentwyn from Fairwater! I fail to see how this is arrogance as I regard it as simply intelligence trying to respond with the facts to a barrister who SHOULD therefore respect this covenant!!! Enough said!!!
Alison Rees Which bit are you taking offence at Sue? My observation that it is arrogant to assume because you are happy with an arrangement all others must be? I do think an 'I'm all right Jack' approach is incredibly arrogant. Frankly I don't care if the move the pick up to Sarn as I can afford to never have to set foot on a coach but I care about those who use the service as a low cost alternative to airport taxis/trains.
Max Wallis This site for a coach station is completely unacceptable, eg. on accessibility and public safety grounds. Public funds are subsidising it and a shuttle bus to it. The Council and National Express have to be told to stop it. Use the Covenant or lack ...See More
Teresa Lewis If it was up to George Monbiot (going by his book Heat) then coaches would only pick up and drop off passengers at motorway service stations but there would be more local buses linking to them from wherever you were in the city so you wouldn't have to change buses in the city centre.
Zoe Sparkles If they weren't building great big hideous BBC studio smack bang in the centre of town WE would still have a bus station in front of the train station. But sadly they don't seem to think about other peoples needs.
Gabrielle Mansfield Going to donate my brain cell to CCC bit worn out but better than theirs I think ...............................
Teresa Lewis I'd rather a nice grassy area in the front of the train station with the bus station built as per the plans. Marland House should have been demolished first. Miss the grassy area at the back of Mary Ann Street which Admiral has moved into.
Anne Greagsby

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